Ammaprema uses Gong, Tibetan Singing bowls & Crystal bowls with Vibrational Healing to work as a channel to heal and empower people on their spiritual paths.

She is a loving and caring person, who joyfully connects with you, to help on your soul journey empowering your journey, serving the highest good of all.

She promotes Harmlessness, Right Action, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Truth,Balance and Harmony, Peace & Bliss,Grace & Gratitude in all her work with all beings through all dimensions.

She loves life, freedom, common sense, having fun, and the magnificence of the Earth and Nature  and the positive endeavours of people.

"We are all angels in incarnation with huge capacity to influence good things happening in our world and the consciousness of all beings, we just need to let go of all the stress, breathe, connect to that which is Divine Within and Allow its Grace to flow in our lives and the lives of those we meet . When obstacles arise we look at them , listen, observe what will allow the energy to flow, -sometimes with the applied use of persistence or boundaries, and let ourselves be used in our role as stewards of the planet, co-creators with the Divine, to express best action."