Spiritual Counseling infuses all aspects of the help Ammaprema offers in an Integrated Healing session or can be a stand alone session.

It can help people to reflect on the issues that are concerning them and work out ways of transforming the energy. It empowers people to connect with their own spiritual guidance and manifest ways through difficult transitions.

In 1989 Ammaprema trained as a Spiritual Counsellor and later  spent three years studying astrology and many years studying different forms of Healing. She brings the skills of working with spiritual guidance, dowsing, astrology, chakra reading to all her Integrated Healing sessions.

Ammaprema has spent most of her working life working as a Social Work Counsellor and Manager. This has made her an excellent trouble shooter at managing life transitions and issues arising from challenging life changes and transitions. As an expert networker she has a wealth of knowledge and advice on everything from managing pensions and money, rehousing, to managing loss, separation,depression and bereavement , and managing all kinds of abuse and traumas at all levels of the human energy field. 

When she works she works practically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually embracing all dimensions of an issue and helping you to effect the changes you need and giving you ways where you are empowered to sustain those changes.

An Integrated or Spiritual Counselling session is £50 for 50 minutes or £80 for 90 minutes