SACRED SOUND HEALING therapy sessions with Ammaprema,


SOUND HEALING Session: £80 -90 mins or £50- 50 mins or as part of an Integrated Healing Session.

Using her various sound tools –Gong/ Tibetan Bowls /Crystal Bowls / & Voice: Ammaprema can provide a deeply relaxing and healing sound experience that can be tailored if necessary, to address specific issues related to stress and past trauma.

She can also help you access a personal Tibetan Bowl/ personalised visualisation Ammaprema's Gong takes people into a deeply blissful  state from where the body can begin to release stress and begin to find its own balance and harmony. 

Ammaprema discovered the Gong in 1992 whilst working as healer in the healing field at the Glastonbury Festival. Within 6 months she bought her very special, now well travelled and well blessed Paiste Symphonic Gong and started a voyage of sound discovery and Sound Healing, and she started her collection of Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Solfeggio Chimes and assembling what is now an impressive collection of Sound Healing Tools.

Her sound healing training has included work with the Tibetan healing Master, Lama Gangchen & his nephew Sonam Shresta. They shared a lot of Tibetan wisdom over several years and ideas of how to use the Gong & bowls in Group work, Healing and balancing work, stress release and on the land.

She has also had voice trainings with Jhadten Jewel and Tom Kenyon with whom she did a Sound Healing training in Seattle. 

Over the years she has co-worked with many other sound teachers and experienced the work of many other healers and sound practitioners.

This has led to her developing her own unique brand of Sound Healing which people find Amazing!