VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

Ammaprema has spent many years in the Vortex Community studying VortexHealing® and she practices at a level of Multi-Dimesional Jewel utilising Quantum Jewel.

VortexHealing® is offered as a stand alone session but is also available as part of an integrated healing session with Ammaprema.


£50 for 50 minutes or £80 for 90 minutes

The information below is taken from www.vortexhealing.com where you can find information about training as a VortexHealer.

How does VortexHealing® work?

VortexHealing derives its name from a particular Divine energy-vortex that is brought into manifestation in the heart and becomes a vehicle for Merlin’s Divine presence to manifest healing, transformation and spiritual growth.

The deep connection to this Divine presence is what makes VortexHealing so unique, for this Divine presence deeply ‘bridges’ both Divine Vortex energies and its own Divine consciousness into the recipient, and guides their movement to optimize healing. This is critical, because conditioning of our issues is based on the consciousness of separateness, of ego. So it cannot simply be released, it must be transformed back into freedom, back into the wholeness from which it came. But only that which is free of ego—only deeply bridged Divine energy and Divine consciousness—can do that. And these are the healing tools of VortexHealing.

VortexHealing comes to us as a gift of the divine presence within the Merlin lineage. The intention of that divine presence is to heal us, transform us, and open us to the inner freedom of our true being.

Why does VortexHealing® work so deeply?

When the Divine Source of the lineage manifests VortexHealing tools into students’ consciousness and energy system, the ‘direct consciousness transmission’s has 3 aspects to it: a) direct transmission of the energetic healing tools, b) a movement that evolves and accelerates the healer’s energy system and consciousness, enabling it to be a better vehicle for the Divine work that is coming through it, and c) the creation of a unique BRIDGE in the student's system so that all the divine power that can be accessed by the student's system is also bridged very deeply into the receiver of the healing. With each level of class all three aspects of the transmissions go deeper, and there is a deeper and deeper bridging of the Divine through the healer’s system. 

We can see VortexHealing’s potential healing power when it is used on a musical instrument. The sound of the instrument changes remarkably—in less than one minute it is richer, more harmonious and expresses more heart! 

It should be pointed out that as powerful as VortexHealing is, because it is run by Divine consciousness it can never be used for anything other than positive purposes.

What is the Difference between working with Divine Energy vs. Divine Consciousness?

Most healing arts that work with the Divine use Divine energy (also called Divine light) but do not access Divine consciousness. Although Divine energy is pure healing energy, it is Divine consciousness that transforms the roots of the consciousness of separateness. When Divine consciousness is truly accessed, it also acts as an independent intelligence; it knows exactly where the roots of your issues are held and goes directly there to transform them. VortexHealing works with both Divine energy and Divine consciousness, accessing both in a variety of ways.

But energy has a key role to play in healing as well. Some healing arts use "chi" or ‘pranic energy’ or ‘life energy’. This is not Divine energy but the energy of manifested life. This would also be true of some energies that are referred to as ‘universal energy’. Although these energies can be used for healing, they cannot work as deeply as Divine energy. There are other healing arts that do use Divine light or energy, and usually they have particular one that is used. But different kinds of Divine energy can create different effects. VortexHealing uses 49 forms of Divine Vortex energy. And each one is designed by the Divine to accomplish a different function, with each one going exactly to where it needs to go to optimally help the person who is receiving healing.

Philosophy & Goals of VortexHealing

The philosophy of VortexHealing is that all of life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity), expressing Itself as this amazing experience of creation. But because we have lost the awareness of that, our basic experience of life has become one of separation. We experience ourselves as a particular being that is essentially separate from everything else in creation and separate from the Universal Source of creation. This creates all kinds of issues and false identities, which over time (and lives) imprint and condition every level of our human system—our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and even our sense of spirituality. The web of this conditioning is incredibly, almost unimaginably deep, existing on multi-dimensional levels, and it completely distorts our experience of being human. In addition to creating a myriad of emotional issues, it also creates blockages in our human energy system, which generate weakness and physical disease. The intent of VortexHealing is to release this conditioning on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that health prevails. 

But the goal of VortexHealing is also much larger than this, because deeper healing requires a return to wholeness. And wholeness requires a return to the awareness of what we are, an awakening out of our root experience of separation into the experience of our true being. So, the Divine Source of VortexHealing designed it to facilitate this kind of awakening. As a result, whether studying or receiving VortexHealing, a process is engaged—a kind of spiritual acceleration process—in which participants begin to awaken out of their conditioned webs of reality and identity. Although the healing tools of VortexHealing are designed to generate physical and emotional health (and they do so fantastically), on a deeper level they also engage a process with the Divine that facilitates the deepest movement of healing that is possible, which is this kind of inner awakening to the freedom and Oneness that is our true nature.

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