QUANTUM INFINITY SESSIONS                            with Ammaprema

The Quantum Infinity session utilises the best of applied quantum physics and brings that balancing technology to support your healing process.

Ammaprema uses this technology both as part of an integrated healing session but also on request in its own right as a stand alone healing session.

The machine can be used over distance as the electro-magnetic frequencies travel to their identified destination in a similar way that broadband frequencies can bring your commuter to ice or transmit phone calls. People do not have to be connected or to hear the sounds created in the treatments, although one to one geodes can be used to intensify the healing over specific areas. 

The machine runs through an app which can be downloaded onto an iPad /tablet and Ammaprema acts as an agent for those who want to purchase their own app and treat themselves with this remarkable equipment. She provides free training  and some support for new users who purchase through her.

Ammaprema also uses the Infinity alongside the Quantum Wave Laser as they are compatible complementary technologies that work well together.

A Quantum Capsule can also be purchased to allow active treatments to be downloaded onto your personal  mobile phone or iPad/tablet, this enables you to run a repeat treatment on yourself over several days thus intensifying the balancing effects. This is being shown to be particularly effective in supporting those with serious illnesses gain support in their treatment journeys.

All sessions last for 50  or 80 minutes and cost £50/£80. 

Ammaprema tries to ensure that people are not disadvantaged by lack of finance and a sliding scale / instalments or exchanges can be negotiated. She offers up to two subsidised sessions a week.

How it works:

The human body is an amazing machine. When it is in complete balance (homeostasis), it is capable of repairing and healing itself.

The biggest cause of imbalance in the body, leading to chronic illness, and the inability of the physical body to cope, is STRESS. In today's world it is difficult to reduce exposure to a level where the body's own healing mechanism can start to work.

Doctors have various chemical medications available, there are counsellors, relaxation techniques, meditation and many more, all of which have their place. But the one that has been having a silent revolution over the past two decades is energy medicine or frequency healing.

Frequency healing has been around since the 1800's but in the last 20 years the number of energy medicine machines available round the world with the ability to balance the body via frequencies, so the body can then heal itself,have been increasing. The iNfinity is the latest of these devices.

We are all made up of electromagnetic energy. Every cell in our body has a positive and negative charge. with electrons, protons, photons and many other components.

Every living thing has a unique frequency which is made up from trillions of other frequencies specific to that being.When we are STRESSED, ill or injured these frequencies stop performing accurately.

When one of these devices is attached to the body, it can read the body's frequencies and detect the ones that are not performing correctly. It can then correct them, allowing the body to start healing itself. This is a simplified explanation, but energy medicine is gaining considerable ground, with amazing results.

Like all technology, the early frequency devices were large and cumbersome, but when printed circuit boards arrived everything became much more user friendly and the iNfinity has made the next technical leap onto ipads and tablets, making the power of frequency healing much more adaptable, portable and available to the masses.