2018- THE YEAR OF INNER REVEALINGS & FOLLOWING THE HEART                                         2019 -NEW BEGINNINGS

Stepping up as a Human being starts with learning to be in the Heart…. Really in the heart, then all sorts of things begin to change. Having the grounded humility to listen and follow the pushes of heart, takes wisdom and courage. Gaining the discrimination to hear the heart takes a lifetime…or a moment!

So many of our spiritual teachings have taught us to look outside of ourselves for “God” or “Goddess” or “Spirit”. What a great trick to disempower humanity and guilt trip anyone who follows their heart felt guidance/intuition. 

For years I have worked with yoga, sound and guided visualisations and taught people to come from the heart. 2018 was the year I discovered that I have been disempowering the heart, by using an image of heart, a mental projection, rather than living the experience of heart. I have really got good at working with energy and using the projection; and at learning to be as holy and pure, as I can be. It’s a sort of ripening process maybe!  I have developed, alongside most other people, tricks and practices that can trick us into believing we are heart centred. 

It’s a bit like painting a perfect picture in 3d that mirrors but is not actual heart. Maybe all that was necessary to purify the vehicle. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, Ammaprema was trying so hard! Vibrationally maybe we even need to create a perfect mirror, so that a holographic vibrational shift can occur?

Maybe it’s all so much simpler than that! Padma Devi Sumananda, one of my greatest teachers, has developed some great CD’s which undoubtedly help. (See www.HeartOfLivingYoga.com to purchase a CD which can help you:- Peace of the Heart. And your money supports charities that help poor children.)

This year I followed a lifetime dream to go and swim with wonderful Joan Ocean & the dolphins. Overcoming the money /fear paradigm is quite huge for all of us. It’s easier when you have, as in my case, a small sustainable retirement income with a tempting lump sum to spend. It’s also easier to have good health and supports to maintain the body. Thankfully my karma/astrology, constant communications with angelic beings and ascended masters and mysterice, or just plain good luck and beautiful heart helps! The 6 weeks in the USA in January February, did change my life, and opened discovery to what this soul really came to be and do. Joining the dolphin meditations was pure joy. It’s like a bliss bubble inside which keeps on giving, in the most unexpected ways…. Rippling pure unadulterated joy, acceptance and time travelling freedom, all inside. Can that communication ripple out to you too? I hope so. Pause, breathe, connect, smile!

Really accepting that space beings really exist, and really work with earth consciousness on request, and are not just nice projections to play with, is also a huge leap of faith. Obviously there are good and bad ET’s . It’s tempting to see the bad, but for me it’s much better to see and work with the good. I’m told the new grace filled timeline is won. Hopefully the battle is over…. But clearing the residue is still a huge job. Freedom from fear is a great blessing.

I love to travel, & learn so much from travelling. It frees the spirit, as I sing my way through sacred sites. Sometimes its mantras, sometimes an ear wig. (Flights often leave me with Mamma Mia songs rippling for days) Sometimes it’s the deep silence of the amazing beautiful places, or songs from heart-warming gatherings that manifest on the way.

 It’s easy to recapitulate past lives, when one travels and allows oneself to be triggered by the land and its memories. It’s not all good! Sometimes one’s embarrassing moments can come back to haunt, bringing the opportunity for clearance. (Humility, Heart, Help, Forgiveness, Help, Opening to sound and light and letting go….) Ho opono pono….. I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. I love you,  I bless you, I release you. Cutting ties. Release Thanks, Smile!

Travel brings Initiations, connecting with emanations, if you open to that.  But it’s all the past…it’s this life that counts…. I’m still standing! (Did you hear that song creep in!) and living the dream strengthens the dream. Just as living fear, on-going conditioning, or nit-picking jealousies, drops the vibration and keeps you stuck.

Integrating the joy of dolphin/ whale encounters and the mysterious upgrading frequencies has really been the journey of 2018. Following the Joy, took me back to Colourfest and then to France to further plan the trip that will eventually come … In the footsteps of the Magdalenes. Communing with ascended beings is such fun! I moved on to Arillas…. A place of my heart for relaxation and recuperation in the ancient arms of Grecian cliffs and sun sea sparkles, nurtured by sounds of live sound maestros. Wonder if spirit will take me back this year…I do just love it. 

Colourfest is a magical festival in Dorset (taking a break this year but hopefully back in 2020!). The magical sound-baths graced by angelics, seem to help so many people to relax, reconnect and self-empower. It’s gratifying! It has also led to some wonderful sound collaboration and blessings from working with Elise Yuill. She is a rising Kirtanya star with an unbelievable voice and heart, who bathed her fortunate Devon following, (including me!) in Bliss through the autumn months.

Then it was Brazil… what to say? I am still integrating the rich mix of sacred company, sacred lands, sacred waters, sacred peoples… some things just happen and are meant to be… following the heart is full of surprises! Suffice to say, 2018 seems not to have led to sharing many sounds, but has led to a lot of writing, and an inner cultivation …. Oh yes and great thanks for my new Solfeggio Crystal Harp!

So imagine my surprise when suddenly I made a snap decision to go off again in January to Goa, for some more sun and sea… it does seem to agree with this body! Then the energy came in for a trip in March, round the UK to take the sounds and visit friends of the heart.  The French trip is still brewing and waiting for the right collaborator. Who knows where Heart will take us! Hopefully riding high on blessing waves for the land and the peoples through these mentally challenging chaotic times of polarisation.

The March trip to the South and East coast is beginning to take shape so watch this space and come and get gonged/bowled away on the heart frequencies of Self-empowerment… Hope to see you on the next wave of travels. 

There is also an important for the planet, rebirth of Grail energies taking place in May in Glastonbury facilitated by Judith Moore…so keep checking out my facebook events page…. Events with Ammaprema Grace or the website and  hope to catch up with you this year! 

With love and huge Ammaprema Hugs

Blessings on your 2018 wake ups!

Once upon a timeline

Once upon a timeline spiral, there was a planet dancing with its neighbours. The spiral of its traverse through the heavens, brought it to many different connections with its neighbours. Sometimes they smiled at each other sometimes there was a turning away, just like one of those ancient celtic barn dances, connections were made, eyes flashed, consciousness was exchanged, relationships were born, friendships were severed or put aside for later. The dance of life echoed through the lives of the inhabitants.


In the olden times, (before technology) the humans lived quite hardily and life was quite hard. Family, tribe provided safety and security from the unknown. Wild animals roamed the forests and the plains, the mountains and the valleys, in a killing cycle of survival of the fittest. 


As the humans were colonised and grew upon earth, their consciousness reflected the cycles of earths dance! Civilisations rose and fell as the consciousness of earth rose and fell. Genetic progression struggled to manage vibrations of competition, greed and anger. Named as sin: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth, these qualities wove into consciousness as vibrations on the planet fell.


 As vibrations changed; sin was seen as the illusion it was, and these qualities were exposed as addictions and transformable. But the attachments were sometimes hard to shift, and left casualties. In the rigidity of holding on to the familiar, the unhelpful, death intervened: providing clean sheets of possibility, for consciousness to evolve into frequencies of harmonic convergence: Harmlessness, Right action, Love, Compassion, Truth, Balance and Harmony, Peace and Bliss. The seven became eight, became ten, became twelve as Gratitude and Grace added their signature tunes. Frequencies shifted, as they do, and anything that was too rigid to exist in the new world was shaken free. 


The soul consciousness of the humans had been simple and of a single strand. One was born to a family group, raised and lived most or all of your life in one community. The sun rose and set, the moon cycled and stars distantly shone. 


There were historical hierarchies of people in one’s local vicinity. These were based on masculine shows of strength and power, and originated around control of resources, aspirations and shows of strength. Women were traded, or seen as a commodity, used and abused, fixed patterns provided security, and tradition. Local customs and cultures developed around the protection of life lines and resources.


But the dance of the planet was unstoppable. It moved to its own cycle of change. It approached a time of change and as the frequency changed, so did consciousness and also technology. The machine age dawned, with a growth of infra-structure. Bridges crossed unstoppable rivers, train-lines wove through deserts and plains. People on the earth began to travel, - and we all know that travel broadens the mind. Conscience developed as consciousness changed. This produced values and laws supporting equal opportunities and recognition of diversity. Values of greed and competition still flourished, addictions can be hard to shift especially when they are embedded and enshrined in tradition and a predilection for retaining history.


Novelty fed the senses, and traditional civilisations declined. In the new wave of change, old societies had to change and societal customs were challenged and fought over. Some clung to the old and some clung to the new, some balanced the two; investing their survival where their intuition or emotion was drawn. Human brains began to change. Animal consciousness also grew. Empathy expanded with global communications, and with personal relationship, telepathy grew.


 Larger communities arose, local and national governance was extended, and global aspiration and possibility grew, requiring global governance. The growth of technology brought rapid changes, as the planet danced faster with its neighbours acquiring consciousness of its place in the dance, of its neighbours, friends and enemies. That consciousness, which had previously been the preserve of a few mystics and time travellers spread through populations.


 In the thrust of inevitable change there was mass confusion, the peoples tried to keep up. Their addictions were well set and little understood, but consciousness flowed and as people became more self-aware, their eyes and their ears, their brains and their hearts, their personalities, their egos, their bodies and their feelings, had to change. In turn, their customs and their cultures had to become more global. It was inevitable, for the planet was dancing, and taking its inhabitants on their own dance into grace. Those who clung to rigidity were thrown through the chasm of death and rebirth. Non-attachment grew. It was inevitable. Frequency rules.


Waves of peace were showered upon the planet by its neighbours. It was a kindness to the earth, plagued by the addictions of humanity. Technology had almost taken over the control of the global grid, but then people began to realise. Instead of clinging to the old confined love of their families, hearts were opened at first to friends and then to strangers. The land flourished with the love, the eyes of people shone the love to all. Hearts connected all around the globe. Demons could not bear the sounds of joy and the awakening of hearts. They were banished to places in the universe where their frequencies would be more useful. 


Multi-frequency consciousness had arrived. All over the globe people were multi-tasking on multiple timelines. Some resisted the new multi-dimensional existence, but resistance came at a cost to the body, cos we all know that human bodies like peace. 


What we did not know at first, was that peace is like the river. It’s always moving and changing. It is like a symphony with waves of motion and intensity. It is found in the moment.


The world has changed its frequency, its inter-dimensional and multi-frequency existence is now the present moment. Being presence is a multi-dimensional ride of possibilities and choice. The consciousness of the earthlings is changing, religions and customs that embody enslavement and selfishness are dissolving in the new possibilities. There are new love connections that allow the earth to dress in the finest frequencies of magic and mystery. What one feels becomes the controller of the future. We are learning to space travel. Our consciousness is the orchestrator of the future.

Surf the waves with joy in your heart…….. Be the peace, be the joy, follow your heart and trust the process! Have fun! 

©Ammaprema Grace 1.5.18 Happy Beltane 

World by .jpg

USA Journey to the Heart 2018- Blogpost - Daily Journal:

The homeless are less in evidence than in the UK, but sometimes outside a shop, one’s heart is touched by a tragic story written on a torn bit of cardboard. “Veteran- No home, no family, no money, no food – Please help….”  A wizened face, old before its years looks up painfully, wrapped in layers of impossible clothing. 

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Paramahatman light.-Reflections on Amma's UK programme

…when the energy level is increased enough in an atom, the orbiting electron can jump to a higher level orbit, to a more expansive orbit, thus becoming less dense…


As I sit and reflect on the experience once again of having the supreme blessing of attending Amma’s UK Programme, I am moved to share some of my reflections:


Amma is unique, she is a saint; what she does and achieves is impossible. Sitting in her presence one is met, energetically, at whatever level of reality you inhabit, with reflections of your own spiritual awareness.

For most of us who are inhabiting the daily reality of surviving, eating, sleeping, getting through the day, we strive to be slightly nicer people. In her evening “satsangs” she meets you and talks to this part of humanity.

Be nicer, Be kinder, be more conscious to the injustice in the world and work to change that. Be more conscious of the planet and the need to look after this living breathing spaceship on which our survival depends. Be aware that it needs our conscious participation in working for change at that level of reality. We have to stop pollution and recognise how we contribute to climate change.” This is her and probably your message to the world. Living it may be harder.


At we sit in the intense melee of humanity, buying and selling ethically produced products that benefit others, we are met by different ways of behaving in our daily lives.


Amma promotes service to others as a methodology for progressing spiritually and achieving some of these goals. Every day there are opportunities to help others, without reward or approbation. We can do it, not from guilt but just because we can, we have time, we have hands, we can be helpful. When we go for a walk we can pick up litter. As we serve each other, we provide a model of how a sensible society operates…we are kind, helpful and conscious. We don’t have to be in her presence to continue this way of being, we can just do it because we see it needs to happen, we observe the benefits.


As one steps into providing selfless service at her programme we become confronted with the challenges of working harmoniously together. We face our rigidities, our attachments. We begin to see that we like things done in a particular way, -our way. We begin to face our conditioning, and to observe the irritations that arise, when others have different ways, different cultural conditioning, different ideas and attachments.


Progressing beyond that spiritually, presents enormous challenge. Our society and our lives are drenched in selfish or greedy pursuits. Whether we drive a car that pollutes the planet, fly to India creating more pollution, push in front of someone in a queue, curse at the selfish person, judge others in whatever way; we are all at it. We are part of the problem and part of the solution simultaneously and all of us have to own this and be prepared to change.


Amma’s programme takes us yet deeper into spiritual practice. She is there endlessly hugging people. Beyond human endurance she embraces you in her aura for all of 17 seconds if you are lucky. The patience developed in queuing for this privilege is all part of honing the individual into becoming a better nicer person.


What actually happens in the hug, is you are momentarily connecting directly to her energy at whatever level you can hold it.

She demonstrates, it is possible to love continuously; its deeply intense, continual service, continual focus on being present to the needs of the moment.

You may feel nothing in the moment and be left dazed and wondering what it was all about, or you may experience the flash of light, as a timeline is jumped and your life is forever changed.

You may notice that in the course of the next year/ month/week/day your life changes subtly, a new job/ home/ relationship/ teacher…. Why put it down to her? It’s actually you and the choices you make to be a better person or not, and the grace of Divinity that can get behind those choices …. if you are open to it.

Amma is just the mirror of your soul potential, but also so much more.

As you sit observing the moving sea of humanity weaving into the depth of their soul and weaving out again, if you are lucky you will see the light! Quite literally!


We are talking here of the Paramahatman Light spoken of in scriptures.

If you are not able to see it, your life is being subtly transformed, your karma is being honed and cleared, so that the frequency of your being, can stop being so dense, and lift to hold more and more light, and to be able to observe it even run it in your life…. Not just as an intuition, a supernatural feeling, but in the moment.

Amma is emanating it continuously in her darshan. The energy concentration all around her is oriented towards upping the frequency, so that split-second time-line jump can occur, in a life. Amma impacts millions of lives through the split-second contact, that most will only be vaguely aware of; at the level of “something important happened”.


The mantra gift from a great avatar, the meditation instruction, as to how to use the mantra, the attention to developing purity of mind, heart and life-space is the daily recipe for keeping that spark alive and fed.

The opportunities: to attend puja, clean the sacred objects used in creating a puja, or just to bathe in the sounds of the names of the Divine, chanted as mantras, are sacred gifts to raise the frequency of the cells of your body and your life. They literally can change the air that you breathe around you, the places you go, the sounds you hear, the food and drink you consume which can feed or starve the cells of this “higher”, “holy” vibration, that brings “magic”. You become more holy through the choices you make.


It is this “magic” we all sense is somehow important. It is present at the moment of birth or death, when “soul” enters or leaves the body complete with the charge, imprinted in the DNA entering to engage with the DNA of the world of form, for a brief sojourn as a precious life. It is the secret of life.

It is the light of love, the power of love, the heart connection. It is the light of a baby’s smile, the glow of a rose at its fullness, the offering of the tree changing is colours, the power of a sunrise or sunset. It is the fullness of the sea, the sound of a river flowing free, or a drop of rain blessing the earth. It is the life force, the magic of creation, wherever divinity is choosing to manifest itself.

Sound, colour, smell, light, nature are all bridges into this experience, they are not the end, but they may be part of your way.

Amma, as a living saint, brings it here to you, an opportunity you can choose to take or not. The choice is there any time … you don’t need her, but she can and does accelerate the progression in people. She teaches age-old vedic teachings, at whatever level you can absorb them.

Now why would you not want to understand birth and death and why you are here, and heal whatever you can in yourself to experience more of the love, we all long for, and are here to experience?  Why not live love?






A Pilgrimage Through France In the footsteps of Magdalene 2017 - Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité

Sat 1st July 2017

Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité

Welcome to this travel blog!

I am preparing for the flight on Monday and a friend calls to meet at Buckfast Abbey. She says there is some energy coming in and she got that she was to call me. I take a deep breath and decide an outing is what I need to break the planning cycle of trains, dates and finances for my impending journey.I am still not sure how I am coming home!

I have a few "whacky friends" - you know who you are! The whackiness seems to happen when people start working with sounds and get to meet Crystal skulls. For years I have avoided becoming a total fruitcake, making sure I tether the camel of my finances and checking out the variety of insightful impulses, that pass through the brain as part of the daily diet of choices. Rational Su stays grounded and does yoga for the body and avoids skulls, but Ammaprema grabs her into flights of wild fancy, fantasy and intuition with extraordinary synchronicities and dreams of possibilities and of course indescribable sounds..

One could say this is the realm of creative visualisation, amplified by gongs and social media, and refined by Tibetan Bowls and Solfeggio chimes, anchored by crystal sound, meditation, and crystal grids: Shamanism by another word.  It does lead to an exciting life, if a bit confusing for others to relate to. 

Anyway here we go. I arrive at the abbey ,- beautiful and still. Sculptured flowerbeds of Lavender, healing herbs and roses. People of goodwill exploring the grounds, and the abbey. It was built as a Catholic venture by I think 7 monks, financially supported by a local catholic family, and is an impressive building: filled with gold, and towering echo chambers and a particularly lovely new chapel, with an amazing blue mosaiced glass window of Christ (not on a cross) . The complex now includes ageing monks and a huge conference centre, a tonic wine production business and tourist attraction with great sympathy for bees and honey. It is a place of daily meditation and prayer, and has a nice motorway services style cafe for afternoon tea, (-they are apparently throwing in scones today!) They also do amazing choral concerts as the acoustics are fantastic, and they are tuning the new organ today.

I meet my friend and we visit the Lavender garden of beautiful varieties of flowering lavenders. Balance is the word that pops in as I sit in the fragrant mediterranean heaven. We chat and catch up. She takes me to a special tree where she has been anchoring healing loving energy with crystals. The tree is very happy about this. Together we sit in meditation at its base. It is deep and still , a beautiful place touching wildness in its roots, away from the formality of the gardens. I scatter some fragrant rose petals from the nearby garden, adding my blessings...trees like to be appreciated...it expands their aura! I am reminded of my recent Solstice celebration at the magnificent Treviscoe on Trencrom, where the wonderful Natasha demonstrated with dowsing, to us all,  how our tree blessings affected the tree auras. (See Parellel  Community, Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1531654896878596&set=pcb.1682007935165695&type=3&theater)

I ask for guidance about this personal pilgrimage and am given the words "Egalité et Fraternité. The brain is struggling a bit in French, and I remember the French revolution slogan adding Liberté - Freedom to the mix of Fairness and Friendship.

Freedom, Fairness and friendship, I love the theme. Thank you divine guides for being with me and supporting this pilgrimage to inner peace.

Saturday 1st July

The sun is shining! 

So I sit at my desk overlooking this beautiful Devon garden, refreshed by the recent rains and excitement is building. I reflect on yesterday and whether my friend's friend, will come back offering me the Lilac Mazda Bongo to drive back to the Uk ...would that be too much to hope for? It was an interesting synchronistic possibility that emerged as we had shared last night in a local hostelry. 

As I reflect on Buckland Abbey, I realise I am impressed by how the energy in the actual abbey has become so full of light, and the Divine Mother feels so present, albeit as Mary, pristine virgin -who of course I love! I wonder if my two friends who have been working on bringing in the energies of the Divine Mother into this sacred place have succeeded? Have their joy and their prayers and their crystals actually transformed the place? Have they affirmed its linkage to the grids of light they work with across the world? Do we all increase the love in the world and the grids through our conscious loving?

For whatever reason I am linked to these two friends as I travel in the footsteps of Magdalene, from Sts Marie- de- la- Mer, to St Baume, on the first leg of the Journey. On Monday I fly at Noon helped by one of these friends, who is house-sitting my home (and my crystal grids, sound armoury etc) whilst I am away.

I asked a question earlier: Do we all increase the love in the world and the grids through our conscious loving? I believe that of course we do and that is mirrored every day in our families, when the small expression of picking flowers for our mother, or a kind word to grandpa, brings a smile, feelings of goodwill and a follow up of smiles and better energy in our relationships. I believe that extends to the land, -witness the difference between a garden that is loved and cherished, watered and weeded, and to land that is abandoned to concrete and litter.

How different do they make you feel?

Thousands of us pour our of city homes to the parks, and to weekends in the country for spiritual replenishment, nourishment and connection to our nomad roots. Every action we do creates more love or more indifference. Every decision creates a better or worse way of life for ourselves and others.

Do we pay attention to the fact of this?

As we sit on our computers sharing videos and quotes with our friends : are we spreading love, important information to be digested and reflected upon, helping an organisation to grow and flourish or are we oppressing ourselves and others with the smearing judgements of polluted minds or with cynical oppressive treatment of others?

How do our actions reflect our values of Love, Freedom, friendship and fairness? How can we increase our awareness of each action we take, each decision we make and its ramifications? Have we created the conditions in our lives for that to happen? 

These are questions for pondering and applying to ourselves and  how we live. What gets in the way? For myself, its usually emotion. Vulnerabilities are exposed by unkindness and actions or words that feel like they harm us. How I judge what harms me, is of course conditioned by my experiences, particularly of loss and rejection, of failure and despair; and by the very act of the habit of judging things. As I grow older, I realise how my mental state, my questions, my words are mirrored back in my life, and how knots are formed when a fellow human engages from their hurt place, with careless words, thoughtless unexplained actions, upset emotions flying across the screens of the mind, taking over the focus of consciousness.

Meditation clears the mind screens, but transforming the relationships and how they have impacted the land around us, requires intention and maybe a little help from spirit, and a lot of humble pie from self.

I am reminded that the Ho epono :" I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you" is a good way to go on most troubling thoughts.

So onwards and upwards the sunshine awaits! Time to pack the case for adventure into Love and exploration of Self in the glorious surroundings of Southern France. I'm excited and I'm overjoyed to be sharing this trip with you!

Liberté, Egalité et Fraternité - Freedom, fairness and friendship!

Sharing the Grace of the Divine Mother with you all



Musings on the Divine Dance of Yin and Yang -an offering for Beltane

Musings on the Divine Dance of Yin and Yang -an offering for Beltane

May 2, 2015 at 1:13pm

Tantra of the sexes 

We assume "Consciousness" is sexless and an expression of oneness, but we live in the 3-D world of separation and division. Man needs woman and woman needs man.  I don't want to go out digging holes, sorting out computer glitches or mending fences (not that men like that kind of thing!) and I'm sure my soulmate may not be interested in shopping endlessly for beautiful clothes or handbags (not necessarily my bag either) !

The energy of the earth embodies yang and yin aspects in sexual procreation, in the alchemy of Ether, Fire and Water, Earth and Air, sound and silence,touch and awareness. But we call her Mother Earth and talk of Father Sky.

Undoubtedly our planet of oneness is a cauldron of possibilities: embodying the dark and the light, the poisonous and the pure and all the shades of grey between. It has its cycles. Living in the temperate climates of Northern Europe we can conveniently observe movement, throughout the cycles of the seasons;-

  •  New shoots of new beginnings ideas & intents, 

  • the flowering and abundant fruitfulness or the manifestation of creation, celebrating the full expression of being, 

  • the time of completion, letting go and ultimate death,

  • and the silent stillness that moves inwards and is the ground of emptiness that cradles seeds.

Women's mysteries have talked about the Cycles of Maiden, Mother, Crone, Dark Goddess honouring the birth and death cycles within us all. Within that framework Male energy is the spark of kundalini that ignites movement, growth and change, the light of the Sun without which the earth would die. As one internalises these realisations one realises how healthy growth embodies and honours this cycle of birth, manifestation, completion and rebirth, in nature and even in how we design a project or an essay.

Is this how it is - or is there a Father Earth, a Mother Sky?

A beautiful male friend recently shared his experience on the inner planes of Mother and Father Earth. I was struck by how much we need that archetype to be acknowledged and manifested. We so need all men to identify with the earth and to look after and protect it rather than expressing a greed and exploitation paradigm through corporate ignorance and domination. Those men should not be seen as mad activists who sit in at trees, but as caring gardeners of creation, guided by an inner balance that embodies attention and common sense realisation, and that uses a balanced female archetypal  approach to life.

To expand on this idea of male female archetypes as we are functioning in this world of separation - A few weeks ago I was reading Tricia McCannon's new book -Return of the Divine Sophia,  ( http://tm2012.triciamccannonspeaks.com/book-return-of-the-divine-sophia ) . I  was reminded to look at my yin/yang, masculine /feminine traits. I began to look at the positive male and female qualities in myself (p185-7).

Although I wasn't too clear about her definitions of the archetypes (- some could be for both): I made my lists  & I realised that I embodied lots of positive female qualities (loving, kind, creative, wise, intuitive, inspiring,  inclusive, loving beautiful things, healthy sexuality etc.) 

I generally avoided the more negative feminine manifestations, (using wiles and sexual manipulation, jealousy, deception, lying, sexual siren, victimised, selfish, shallow  frivolous, needy, greedy, etc.)  

I found I was a bit short on the positive male virtues: ( Empowered within self, moving from inner centre rather than a place of absolute power, supportive, protective, working from vision & inclusion, giving & receiving, leadership with listening, not run by ego, desire or sexual appetites,  etc. ) 

My inner male tended towards unhealthy "male" stereotyped actions; (competing, achievement of goals not set by own inner centre, aggressive, criticising, conquering, controlling, dominating, taking things for granted, monopolising, selfish, not caring for health and wellbeing, unbridled growth, laziness etc).

As you read this I am sure that we could argue for ever if some of these traits exactly fit into Male or Female archetypes /Yin or Yang expressions but you get the picture.  Its an exercise that we can all perhaps revisit in a quest for a more balanced world. taking the time for self reflection, was a stimulant to consider my internalised polarities, and gave me an opportunity to consider them and to consider how I might want to change myself, and bring that change to everything.

Food for reflection perhaps; if my inner male and female can work together, maybe there is that chance for true tantra of man and woman, giving and receiving equally. I want to meet my inner soulmate and experience that ignition of positive creation, positive appreciation, completion and rebirth; don't you?


Happiness is the Magnolia trees in full flowering

Untouched this year by frost,

Joined now by flowering cherries, fully laden withpetalled abundance.

The joys of primroses flowering wild in Devonhedgerows,

Covering banks, that echo the woodland paradise of Trevelver,

Where first I lay in abundant scent

And touched the devic heaven of primrose splendour.

Daffodils bursting with colour and the promise of new growth in trees

Another Spring in England is sprung

A blessing of each morning