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Sound Healing for World Peace

  • Heartsounds Plymouth Unitarian Church North St, Plymouth, PL1 2HG UK (map)

Plymouth UK 15th July 7pm - 9.30pm

You are invited to a live sound healing event and filming project for world peace featuring a host of sound healing artists from the South West of England and some from further afield!
The evening of Wednesday 15th July will see a collaboration of sound healers coming together for a one off performance...
Featuring live: The Bards of Avalon, Sacred music and harmonies - Debbi Walker, channelled pipes and dragon gong - Spirit of Sound, drum of peace - Anairda Artivista vocals - Paula Thomas vocals - Derek Gane, Christa McKinnon, Lorna Colson with the drums - Ammaprema with Divine Mother Gong and Bowls - Gong Vibes Brian and Kathryn Colling - Giant gongs and singing bowls - Gateway to the Heart Richard and Katerina Down - Shaman icaros, didge and soundscape of instruments
This will be an extraordinary sound healing with audience participation in vocals designed to bring us to our hearts.
We are going to raise the roof!!
The evening is filmed and this will be part of an ongoing project to create a powerful message to promote world peace. 
Your presence and peaceful loving heart is requested for this special evening to help create the historical video that will help many around the world.
There will be a powerful prayer sent out towards the end of the night

For those who can physically come and enjoy with us please bring something soft to sit or lay on and cover up

For those further afield we hope you feel the ripple of love

Time: 7pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Plymouth Unitarian Church, Notte St, PL12HG

Hello everybody wanting to come along to the event - there are limited places available due to the size of the venue 45 places in all!
It is unlikely there will be any tickets on the door
It will have to be first come first served 
TO PURCHASE A TICKET 1) email or phone to reserve first and then 2) pay via paypal, in person or by cheque £10 to and email us on and we'll email you your e-ticket.
If you want to pay in person or by cheque, please email or phone us 07732015555 to arrange.

For more information please email;
or call:
Richard 07732015555