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Diamond Light Attunement through Sacred Sound

  • Daisy Centres 6 Church Ln Glastonbury, BA6 9JQ United Kingdom (map)

The Diamond Light Attunements are a gift from the Divine to attune your system to some of the higher frequency vibrations that are currently entering the consciousness of Humanity and the Earth. They make it easier for you to manifest in your life in co-creation with the Divine. They help humanity to act in concert with the earth's ascension and help you to adjust to the new frequencies of creation. 

We will use Guided Imagery and Sacred Sounding to bring through these new frequencies with the blessings of the Highest Guidance of Divinity.

It will be a really fun day and the highlight of your year! 

To sign up email or call 07969 181820 with your email details.

Exchange- £70 No-one is excluded through lack of finance -Donations and exchange are possible, please contact Ammaprema

Love and blessings