Musings on the Divine Dance of Yin and Yang -an offering for Beltane

Musings on the Divine Dance of Yin and Yang -an offering for Beltane

May 2, 2015 at 1:13pm

Tantra of the sexes 

We assume "Consciousness" is sexless and an expression of oneness, but we live in the 3-D world of separation and division. Man needs woman and woman needs man.  I don't want to go out digging holes, sorting out computer glitches or mending fences (not that men like that kind of thing!) and I'm sure my soulmate may not be interested in shopping endlessly for beautiful clothes or handbags (not necessarily my bag either) !

The energy of the earth embodies yang and yin aspects in sexual procreation, in the alchemy of Ether, Fire and Water, Earth and Air, sound and silence,touch and awareness. But we call her Mother Earth and talk of Father Sky.

Undoubtedly our planet of oneness is a cauldron of possibilities: embodying the dark and the light, the poisonous and the pure and all the shades of grey between. It has its cycles. Living in the temperate climates of Northern Europe we can conveniently observe movement, throughout the cycles of the seasons;-

  •  New shoots of new beginnings ideas & intents, 

  • the flowering and abundant fruitfulness or the manifestation of creation, celebrating the full expression of being, 

  • the time of completion, letting go and ultimate death,

  • and the silent stillness that moves inwards and is the ground of emptiness that cradles seeds.

Women's mysteries have talked about the Cycles of Maiden, Mother, Crone, Dark Goddess honouring the birth and death cycles within us all. Within that framework Male energy is the spark of kundalini that ignites movement, growth and change, the light of the Sun without which the earth would die. As one internalises these realisations one realises how healthy growth embodies and honours this cycle of birth, manifestation, completion and rebirth, in nature and even in how we design a project or an essay.

Is this how it is - or is there a Father Earth, a Mother Sky?

A beautiful male friend recently shared his experience on the inner planes of Mother and Father Earth. I was struck by how much we need that archetype to be acknowledged and manifested. We so need all men to identify with the earth and to look after and protect it rather than expressing a greed and exploitation paradigm through corporate ignorance and domination. Those men should not be seen as mad activists who sit in at trees, but as caring gardeners of creation, guided by an inner balance that embodies attention and common sense realisation, and that uses a balanced female archetypal  approach to life.

To expand on this idea of male female archetypes as we are functioning in this world of separation - A few weeks ago I was reading Tricia McCannon's new book -Return of the Divine Sophia,  ( ) . I  was reminded to look at my yin/yang, masculine /feminine traits. I began to look at the positive male and female qualities in myself (p185-7).

Although I wasn't too clear about her definitions of the archetypes (- some could be for both): I made my lists  & I realised that I embodied lots of positive female qualities (loving, kind, creative, wise, intuitive, inspiring,  inclusive, loving beautiful things, healthy sexuality etc.) 

I generally avoided the more negative feminine manifestations, (using wiles and sexual manipulation, jealousy, deception, lying, sexual siren, victimised, selfish, shallow  frivolous, needy, greedy, etc.)  

I found I was a bit short on the positive male virtues: ( Empowered within self, moving from inner centre rather than a place of absolute power, supportive, protective, working from vision & inclusion, giving & receiving, leadership with listening, not run by ego, desire or sexual appetites,  etc. ) 

My inner male tended towards unhealthy "male" stereotyped actions; (competing, achievement of goals not set by own inner centre, aggressive, criticising, conquering, controlling, dominating, taking things for granted, monopolising, selfish, not caring for health and wellbeing, unbridled growth, laziness etc).

As you read this I am sure that we could argue for ever if some of these traits exactly fit into Male or Female archetypes /Yin or Yang expressions but you get the picture.  Its an exercise that we can all perhaps revisit in a quest for a more balanced world. taking the time for self reflection, was a stimulant to consider my internalised polarities, and gave me an opportunity to consider them and to consider how I might want to change myself, and bring that change to everything.

Food for reflection perhaps; if my inner male and female can work together, maybe there is that chance for true tantra of man and woman, giving and receiving equally. I want to meet my inner soulmate and experience that ignition of positive creation, positive appreciation, completion and rebirth; don't you?