Light a candle for sanity!

Clarity about who and what we are, on what it means to be human  

A teaching from the ether of the ecliptic window of  16/10/2016


There is a massive confusion in Christian, Muslim and some Buddhist and other countries, between the teacher and the teachings.

 This is amplified by the needs of patriarchy, which has instituted a system of near slavery throughout the world.

Any teaching that begins to expose the lies of the systems we live under is systematically suppressed or tarnished with disrespect distortion and slurs.

Personal accountability is masked by defensive denial of truth because of individual’s needs to appear competent, and their fears of loosing the financial security of their posts.

Thus lies and misinformation are perpetuated, much like the “emperors new clothes.”

Once we begin to unmask true and common sense teaching and free ourselves from financial fear, it is like a veil dissolving. 

We can begin to appreciate that there is extensive teaching suggesting we should practice harmlessness, love and respect for one another and that we should encourage and support diversity and equal human rights to opportunity.

There is no benefit to anyone from having societal systems that oppress or exploit others: this includes societies who practice cultural norms that oppress men or women by denying them access to freedom of thought or freedom of choice.

Once we begin to honour teachings of, treating each other with harmlessness, truth, kindness and respect for other people, things begin to change in our lives.

As we support systems of mass stupidity or slavery so we distort the fundamental birthright of what it means to be human and become contaminated by the false consciousness that has pervaded our planet for all living memory

As we support common sense and freedom from fear, we may honour and respect the teachers who have pointed the way; but to worship them, instead of honouring  and promoting the teaching, is to miss the point. It skews the mind, causing confusion and illusion.

Attitudes of love and devotion towards intelligent talented teachers are worthy qualities, but not if they take us to a place where we start to deny our own humanity or if we cease to practice love and kindness to each other, or cease promoting freedoms and exposure of truth.

This is a time for realisation of these fundamental truths. It is a matter of human survival. It will be too late for realisation once as a human species we have destroyed the health of the planet we live on.

Do we let a toddler destroy the house we live in or the source of our health and prosperity? Of course we do not. In the same way we have to take charge now of managing the environment of the earth, so that it is energetically vital and non-polluted by our waste and our ignorance.

As a society we have to make common sense decisions about technology and future investment that reverse the tide of ignorance and deceit that have dominated our ideology and politics for the last two thousand years and beyond. Our decisions have to put the physical health of the planet before, personal greed, economic or political relations between countries.

We have to promote a consciousness of wellbeing and diversity that begins to breakdown traditional borders and promotes common sense and ecological  and economic health.

When you read the above, pause between paragraphs and let the meaning sink in to the depths of your own life and situation.

Consider how this applies to you and your situation and if there are steps you can take to support honesty and truth whether that be in politics or in your relationships with others.

Let the next year be a time of moving towards societal and individual sanity, and walking our talk in our actions and words.