A new definition of Awakening, The New Covenant- The Paradigm of the New Humanity

So what is Awakening? What is the “paradigm of the new humanity,” of the new “divine” Masculine and the new “divine” Feminine? What is the Divine marriage? What is the New Covenant?


It is not about control, power, greed, or selfishness, it is about transformation, caring, sharing, respect and love.

It is about principles, structures and practices that bring people together. It is about co-operation rather than control.

It is about Harmlessness, Right Action, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Truth, Balance, Harmony, Peace, Bliss, Grace & Gratitude.

 It is about developing the wisdom to create a community so built on those principles, and so embedded in our living actions that they become redundant as a guideline.

They are the essence on which our lives, our relationships and our community are founded and embedded in daily practices.

It is about a new way of working together, men with women, across cultural divides, across family traditions, across all religions, not through telling or ordering, not through rigid procedures, but through questioning and investigating together, with agreement to these key principles that can be questioned and improved, to benefit all.

It is about recognising that everyone is at heart, a Divine Being and treating them accordingly.

Living as awake human beings requires light, -inner light, divine light and the ability to sustain that light, and embody presence. It comes into being through space or energy practices that are that…  daily practices that reinforce and act in our cells and in our environments.

Being awake is anchored through intention, identification, support, practice, celebration, letting go of what is no longer necessary, embracing the emptiness wherein the new is birthed.

It is a daily cycle of cleaning up, creating a fresh space, a clean sheet, to live and embrace your dream, to manifest it into reality and to express its possibilities fully, before allowing the process of time to take it into emptiness.

All things must pass, impermanence of form, is an immutable law of earth reality.

This flow, requires energy, focus, clarity and will, working in the environment of allowing vulnerability, gentleness, kindness and patience.

It requires faith in oneself and belief in our ability to create reality through our thoughts and actions, with applied energy.


Be still and listen, with attention and openness to learn.



What awake people do and have done is to awaken at all levels of human being:

·      Awake people pay attention to their physical body template.

o   They look after their bodies…. yoga/ exercise/ healthy diet. They have learned to listen to what the body temple requires, and to feed it appropriately at all levels. 


Many of us still struggle. Understandably. For we live in a world which is rife with addictions, based on desires and craving, conditioning and greed.

We try to escape our everyday worlds of pain, stress, pressure, noise & chaos, through eating, drinking and drugs prescribed or self-medicating.

We fuel our minds with escapism.

This can change through

§  Openness to change, with non-attachment to the methodology of changing

§  recognition of our personal glitches,

§  intention to change,

§  support to change, and offering support to others

§  practicing discrimination and discernment in respect of what will help

§  taking action to change,

§   taking charge of our physical body,

·      feeding it healthy foods,

·      actioning healthy daily practices

·      creating healthy environments,

·      living in healthy mindscapes,

·      and gaining support from like-minded friends.


Observe, See, Look at the enormous growth of yoga as a physical practice at this time, this opens us to the underlying philosophy that embraces all bodies, and brings a lot of light into the physical body. The body is the temple for the light of our beings to shine through us into the world.


·      Awake People pay attention to the emotional body template and worked to heal its vibrations:

Our emotions are part of the nature of humanity, they give us the possibility for empathy which in turn leads to telepathy. They bring us pleasure, but also pain and all places between. They teach us about the tones of living together. Emotions arise in response to situations, past, present or imagined.


Healthy people have: Looked after and transformed their emotions, and often gained lots of self-awareness through counselling and working on themselves: by Practicing Openness and non- attachment to outcome.


o   They have had humility to admit they cannot achieve emotional stability alone. Emotions arise in a context, often in relationship to other people or the wider world. At some place we interact with others, through our purchases, our living situations, our families and family histories, through our work colleagues, our acquaintances, our friends:

o   Healthy people practice recognition of what is showing up in their emotions, and understand that expressing emotions without transforming them, themselves, requires attention, probably some work, to avoid passing on the vibration of one’s pain into the environment or to another person.)

o   The have asked for help…whilst also giving help and been open to receive and give in equal measure.

o    They talk to each other and learn from each other in mutuality, not neediness, but giving and receiving in equal measures of attention.

o   In paying attention to their emotional bodies and working to heal its vibrations; by transformation of negative emotions a healthy relationship to the process of the emotional body is created.

o   There dawns the awareness that emotions exist in the higher template of a vibrational world.

§  Each emotion leaves a trace at a template/cellular level of the body, this can be negative or positive and its charge contributes to the field of the collective unconscious. This is observable locally as the signature “feeling”, of a place. Personally it is what creates karma and karmic imprints which reincarnate to learn how to transform.



·      Awake people pay attention to their mental body template.

They develop control /mastery/ mystery of the mind, and allow it to become the servant of the heart, stilling the plethora of thought forms.

This sitting in and acting from stillness is a lifetime practice for most.

It is the main purpose of yoga and meditation practice.

In that place of stillness everything is in unity consciousness.

Everything is born as an idea, a possibility, a unique blueprint in creation. Some thoughts are healthy some are less healthy. –The historical battle between Good and Evil is about the choices we make, from awareness in our hearts,  for the actions in our lives.


Awake people look after their minds.

o   They teach their minds to serve the heart.

o   They train their minds to serve others. The mind is an excellent tool for shaping reality. It is a terrible master.

o   They observe the development of ego allowing sufficient self-esteem to exist, to enable positive action, but not getting carried away with inflated ego.

o   Healthy people cultivate moderation and balance, reflection and pausing to act in conscious ways.

o   They are secure and contained in their sense of self, they act for positive change in the world.

o   They cultivate healthy thoughts and the ability to understand things and to project realities.

o   They understand the power of the mind to create reality.

o   They do not indulge the mind’s cravings,

o   They are open to use the mind to organise and deliver practical manifestations of love in action.

o   They recognise the intensity that mind can generate and use that intensity positively

o   They recognise that developing focus and clarity may actually reduce the intensity of mind’s preoccupations.

o   They follow their hearts, in a practical grounded and positive way


Ask yourself:

o   How do I look after my mind?

o   What do you think about service to others and to your highest expression of the truth of your being?

o   How do you practice that?

o   How effective is it?

o   Do you find joy in service to others?

o   How do you find and express your joy in ways that benefit others?

o   Do you respond from the heart or from the mind?

o   Are you open to the possibility that sometimes one’s deepest sense of Divinity can find expression through beneficial thought and actions?

o   Are you birthing ideas from the heart, creating them from the heart, letting go of what is not needed?

o   Are your projects the projects of Divinity or of ego?

o   Do you respond appropriately from the heart in the moment…

o   Is your mind the reflection of a higher mind manifesting through the heart?

o   Does your mind serve the heart?


If not.. Change.



Healthy people relate to the Earth:

o   They are aware that the ecosystem of the earth is what supports humanity and it needs to be looked after.

o   They are aware of the interdependence between Earth and its inhabitants, through all realms.

o   They rise to the human challenge of being a steward of the earth.

o   They clear away rather than leave litter.

o   They Create gardens and allotments in harmony with the earth

o   They teach their children respect for the land and the rivers, the seas and the air, the trees, the plants and the animals, and for their elders, for the opposite sex, and peoples of all cultures.

o   They teach children to understand and respect disabilities and helping others.

o   They teach others to understand and practice interdependence with the subtle elements of the earth.



·      Healthy people contribute and look after our community.

o   They look after all our relations and relationships, through service to others.

o   They help others practically, cooking/ nurturing /caring /volunteering

o   They look after our environments, -keeping things clean and tidy, and creating order and allowing nature to have its chaos.

o   They act to defend the weak, or the land where it is threatened, by inappropriate or damaging development.

o   The enlightened ones, smile and laugh and sometimes cry with others when problems arise, as they step up with calmness and attention to the needs of the present moment with helpful responsiveness.

o   They ask people what they need and they learn from them.

o   They practice respect for others

o   They share joy and laughter wherever possible…. And allow tears where they are appropriate to let emotions flow.

o   We create positive visions and templates for the future and we share them and act to get them into the world in whatever ways we can.

o   We look after our souls though meditation, and

o   We look after our creativity by creating art and craft works often whilst making meals for others.



In short, enlightened people, bring things to birth, they nurture them positively, and guide them with sensible social boundaries, they let go of what is no longer required, and sit in the space of emptiness to allow new dreams to come to birth.


 We open to allow the spark of creativity that is the masculine principle, allowing it to fire up the cycles of our lives ,these being the feminine principle.

We marry the divine masculine and feminine within our beings.


People together can learn to do all these things together, working together in tandem, and above all respecting differences, whilst identifying the common core of being human, in all of us; and in the requirements for healthy living co-operatively.


 “Looking after” is a prerequisite for spiritual growth and development.


Ego diverts things by wanting to stand out and be seen and to shine.

Usually it is just acting out a programme of needing parental approval to feel loved in the world.

But its Ok to stand out, to shine, to be seen whilst maintaining openness, attention to others and not needing applause and acclamation.


Mind cries out to be heard and to continually quest, to understand,

But awakening is not about understanding anything….


Awakening is about paying attention to the needs of the present moment and responding appropriately, not with judgement, not with self-absorption, not with pity….

Just being present in the moment to the ever-unfolding dream of life unfolding itself in every moment and acting with grace in the moment where it is appropriate, with right action guiding it.



The use of Sacred Sounds to remember and empower


The use of sacred sounds keeps the frequency of our cells vibrating with our intentions. When we come together and experience the flow of love, of collective heart and mind, of collective will the frequency can be one of bliss. It triggers an ancient remembrance that we can be more than our individual selves: that we can act as one heart, from Unity consciousness. This is energising and blissful.

Each one of us carried an energetic signature in our cells. This is held in our DNA. It has elements of past life intentions and unmet needs. It is affected by the moment of our birth. It is like a blueprint or a template of key moments of opportunity in each life.

It is modified and changed through intention, through interaction with others, by conditioning, by culture, by parents, friends and teachers, by our education, and by the rewards and punishments we have internalised. It is affected also by trauma and abuse, by harmful and by positive experiences of being cared for, and by the expectations put on us as children. It can be changed by therapy, healing and self love.


Our “Keys and codes” our signature, are what we bring to every moment, to every breath. They are subtle and can become about attunement to “higher” frequencies.

When the cells are vibrating super-fast, they shake away the dross created by mind and ego so that the only course of action available is to flow in the ever-changing present moment. This brings synchronicity and Peace. This allows a recoding to occur, which is then sustained through changes in habit patterns, through support and through changes in life style and life actions.


Taking control of the sound environment that is around you enables you to become the mysterice of your own destiny. You can become what you hear, and it can remind you of who you want to be or who you really are at the core of your being.


The old paradigm was frequencies of Control and Power, Kings and Queens, Priestesses and knights.

But what is the new paradigm?... Circles of investigation and sharing? Circles of appreciation?  Circles of Peace?

Is the method of the new paradigm one of asking questions of all?  Being genuinely curious together?

We can ask questions like: Can there be an ending of conflict?

To go into the questions deeply…with respect… can everyone be heard?

Do we need leaders?

Or do we just need very healthy people …stepping up into their mystericy/mastery?

What does a healthy person look like? Someone who steps up to serve, to take responsibility for their life and their choices, someone who shows up, to act positively in the moment?

Can Awakening the heart space only begin to occur in a context of responsibility and respect for the other?

Is it possible to flow in the ever-flowing moment of mutual co-creation, that transcends ego, or the need to perform, or be heard,  & where all are the performers and all are the witnesses?

Can each one offer the whole of them, without any need to be received or heard?

Is that true awakening?


I believe this is the new Covenant, this is the new blueprint of a sustainable creation mystery.

The mastery / mystery of self is paramount.

I believe service to others is the way to truly open the heart.

I believe: Opening the heart to give and receive without expectation, letting go of pain and hurt and distance, is the path…

I believe: The journey is a journey of awakening to presence, and being present to the unfolding moment of creation.


Aho..Namaste,  I have spoken! I pass the flame….


Excerpt from Guidelines for the Soul : Ammaprema Grace

Please share only with this reference: www.ammapremagrace.com


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