Paramahatman light.-Reflections on Amma's UK programme

…when the energy level is increased enough in an atom, the orbiting electron can jump to a higher level orbit, to a more expansive orbit, thus becoming less dense…

As I sit and reflect on the experience once again of having the supreme blessing of attending Amma’s UK Programme, I am moved to share some of my reflections:


Amma is unique, she is a saint; what she does and achieves is impossible. Sitting in her presence one is met, energetically, at whatever level of reality you inhabit, with reflections of your own spiritual awareness.

For most of us who are inhabiting the daily reality of surviving, eating, sleeping, getting through the day, we strive to be slightly nicer people. In her evening “satsangs” she meets you and talks to this part of humanity.

Be nicer, Be kinder, be more conscious to the injustice in the world and work to change that. Be more conscious of the planet and the need to look after this living breathing spaceship on which our survival depends. Be aware that it needs our conscious participation in working for change at that level of reality. We have to stop pollution and recognise how we contribute to climate change.” This is her and probably your message to the world. Living it may be harder.


At we sit in the intense melee of humanity, buying and selling ethically produced products that benefit others, we are met by different ways of behaving in our daily lives.


Amma promotes service to others as a methodology for progressing spiritually and achieving some of these goals. Every day there are opportunities to help others, without reward or approbation. We can do it, not from guilt but just because we can, we have time, we have hands, we can be helpful. When we go for a walk we can pick up litter. As we serve each other, we provide a model of how a sensible society operates…we are kind, helpful and conscious. We don’t have to be in her presence to continue this way of being, we can just do it because we see it needs to happen, we observe the benefits.


As one steps into providing selfless service at her programme we become confronted with the challenges of working harmoniously together. We face our rigidities, our attachments. We begin to see that we like things done in a particular way, -our way. We begin to face our conditioning, and to observe the irritations that arise, when others have different ways, different cultural conditioning, different ideas and attachments.


Progressing beyond that spiritually, presents enormous challenge. Our society and our lives are drenched in selfish or greedy pursuits. Whether we drive a car that pollutes the planet, fly to India creating more pollution, push in front of someone in a queue, curse at the selfish person, judge others in whatever way; we are all at it. We are part of the problem and part of the solution simultaneously and all of us have to own this and be prepared to change.


Amma’s programme takes us yet deeper into spiritual practice. She is there endlessly hugging people. Beyond human endurance she embraces you in her aura for all of 17 seconds if you are lucky. The patience developed in queuing for this privilege is all part of honing the individual into becoming a better nicer person.


What actually happens in the hug, is you are momentarily connecting directly to her energy at whatever level you can hold it.

She demonstrates, it is possible to love continuously; its deeply intense, continual service, continual focus on being present to the needs of the moment.

You may feel nothing in the moment and be left dazed and wondering what it was all about, or you may experience the flash of light, as a timeline is jumped and your life is forever changed.

You may notice that in the course of the next year/ month/week/day your life changes subtly, a new job/ home/ relationship/ teacher…. Why put it down to her? It’s actually you and the choices you make to be a better person or not, and the grace of Divinity that can get behind those choices …. if you are open to it.

Amma is just the mirror of your soul potential, but also so much more.

As you sit observing the moving sea of humanity weaving into the depth of their soul and weaving out again, if you are lucky you will see the light! Quite literally!


We are talking here of the Paramahatman Light spoken of in scriptures.

If you are not able to see it, your life is being subtly transformed, your karma is being honed and cleared, so that the frequency of your being, can stop being so dense, and lift to hold more and more light, and to be able to observe it even run it in your life…. Not just as an intuition, a supernatural feeling, but in the moment.

Amma is emanating it continuously in her darshan. The energy concentration all around her is oriented towards upping the frequency, so that split-second time-line jump can occur, in a life. Amma impacts millions of lives through the split-second contact, that most will only be vaguely aware of; at the level of “something important happened”.


The mantra gift from a great avatar, the meditation instruction, as to how to use the mantra, the attention to developing purity of mind, heart and life-space is the daily recipe for keeping that spark alive and fed.

The opportunities: to attend puja, clean the sacred objects used in creating a puja, or just to bathe in the sounds of the names of the Divine, chanted as mantras, are sacred gifts to raise the frequency of the cells of your body and your life. They literally can change the air that you breathe around you, the places you go, the sounds you hear, the food and drink you consume which can feed or starve the cells of this “higher”, “holy” vibration, that brings “magic”. You become more holy through the choices you make.


It is this “magic” we all sense is somehow important. It is present at the moment of birth or death, when “soul” enters or leaves the body complete with the charge, imprinted in the DNA entering to engage with the DNA of the world of form, for a brief sojourn as a precious life. It is the secret of life.

It is the light of love, the power of love, the heart connection. It is the light of a baby’s smile, the glow of a rose at its fullness, the offering of the tree changing is colours, the power of a sunrise or sunset. It is the fullness of the sea, the sound of a river flowing free, or a drop of rain blessing the earth. It is the life force, the magic of creation, wherever divinity is choosing to manifest itself.

Sound, colour, smell, light, nature are all bridges into this experience, they are not the end, but they may be part of your way.

Amma, as a living saint, brings it here to you, an opportunity you can choose to take or not. The choice is there any time … you don’t need her, but she can and does accelerate the progression in people. She teaches age-old vedic teachings, at whatever level you can absorb them.

Now why would you not want to understand birth and death and why you are here, and heal whatever you can in yourself to experience more of the love, we all long for, and are here to experience?  Why not live love?