The trip to Joshua Trees 4.2.18 Los Angeles –City of Angels:

A Land of smoke and mirrors.


Ribbons of endless

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, lane highways.

- humming constantly.

 on the move -always.


Struggle and strife,

dreams manifesting.

Couched under concrete,

Exotic flowers fringing

baking sun burning.


 Magic in desert.

 ET’s, film studios,


 oil drilling

islands created

black gold polluting

eco-system changing

nature long gone.


 Huge military presences and ET sightings,

Benevolence, questioning?

Underground silos,

 flash condominiums,

 homeless lost souls,

 rest on a sidewalk,



Malls of more concrete

 familiar names flashing

surrounding more concrete…

where are the birds?


Three hours through the city , we head for the National park,

 ancient rocks anchor, remember a past

of great simplicity,





Home at last.


Nature here is cactus and stone,

Lizard, snake hiding

Above space

A wheeling

Of occasional ravens

Or eagles revealing,

Portal moment, memory



they watch over coyote,

fast hares and foxes,

high up circling…….


As night falls, the sunset,

 lights stone portal possibilities.

Joshua tree shadows,

 And cowboy film memories,


but oh the stars!

freed of light leaking,

shine strong

reminding ….


 we are just ants

 in this wonderful

universe unfolding….

at one with a beauty of flawless immensity,

endless space travelling,

 life capsules opening,

 new possibilities, horizons revealing….

A Star trek reality.

Of timeline possibility….


Community resonance,

So important.

To make sense of the soulless,

Bring pause

 to the movement of madness bleeding.


My friends so special.


loving kindness,

generosity of spirit …..

family connecting

across time and nationality,

red blood ties always

echoing the ancestors

who danced here with spirit

their prayers and their longings

home on the land.