Once upon a timeline

Once upon a timeline spiral, there was a planet dancing with its neighbours. The spiral of its traverse through the heavens, brought it to many different connections with its neighbours. Sometimes they smiled at each other sometimes there was a turning away, just like one of those ancient celtic barn dances, connections were made, eyes flashed, consciousness was exchanged, relationships were born, friendships were severed or put aside for later. The dance of life echoed through the lives of the inhabitants.


In the olden times, (before technology) the humans lived quite hardily and life was quite hard. Family, tribe provided safety and security from the unknown. Wild animals roamed the forests and the plains, the mountains and the valleys, in a killing cycle of survival of the fittest. 


As the humans were colonised and grew upon earth, their consciousness reflected the cycles of earths dance! Civilisations rose and fell as the consciousness of earth rose and fell. Genetic progression struggled to manage vibrations of competition, greed and anger. Named as sin: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth, these qualities wove into consciousness as vibrations on the planet fell.


 As vibrations changed; sin was seen as the illusion it was, and these qualities were exposed as addictions and transformable. But the attachments were sometimes hard to shift, and left casualties. In the rigidity of holding on to the familiar, the unhelpful, death intervened: providing clean sheets of possibility, for consciousness to evolve into frequencies of harmonic convergence: Harmlessness, Right action, Love, Compassion, Truth, Balance and Harmony, Peace and Bliss. The seven became eight, became ten, became twelve as Gratitude and Grace added their signature tunes. Frequencies shifted, as they do, and anything that was too rigid to exist in the new world was shaken free. 


The soul consciousness of the humans had been simple and of a single strand. One was born to a family group, raised and lived most or all of your life in one community. The sun rose and set, the moon cycled and stars distantly shone. 


There were historical hierarchies of people in one’s local vicinity. These were based on masculine shows of strength and power, and originated around control of resources, aspirations and shows of strength. Women were traded, or seen as a commodity, used and abused, fixed patterns provided security, and tradition. Local customs and cultures developed around the protection of life lines and resources.


But the dance of the planet was unstoppable. It moved to its own cycle of change. It approached a time of change and as the frequency changed, so did consciousness and also technology. The machine age dawned, with a growth of infra-structure. Bridges crossed unstoppable rivers, train-lines wove through deserts and plains. People on the earth began to travel, - and we all know that travel broadens the mind. Conscience developed as consciousness changed. This produced values and laws supporting equal opportunities and recognition of diversity. Values of greed and competition still flourished, addictions can be hard to shift especially when they are embedded and enshrined in tradition and a predilection for retaining history.


Novelty fed the senses, and traditional civilisations declined. In the new wave of change, old societies had to change and societal customs were challenged and fought over. Some clung to the old and some clung to the new, some balanced the two; investing their survival where their intuition or emotion was drawn. Human brains began to change. Animal consciousness also grew. Empathy expanded with global communications, and with personal relationship, telepathy grew.


 Larger communities arose, local and national governance was extended, and global aspiration and possibility grew, requiring global governance. The growth of technology brought rapid changes, as the planet danced faster with its neighbours acquiring consciousness of its place in the dance, of its neighbours, friends and enemies. That consciousness, which had previously been the preserve of a few mystics and time travellers spread through populations.


 In the thrust of inevitable change there was mass confusion, the peoples tried to keep up. Their addictions were well set and little understood, but consciousness flowed and as people became more self-aware, their eyes and their ears, their brains and their hearts, their personalities, their egos, their bodies and their feelings, had to change. In turn, their customs and their cultures had to become more global. It was inevitable, for the planet was dancing, and taking its inhabitants on their own dance into grace. Those who clung to rigidity were thrown through the chasm of death and rebirth. Non-attachment grew. It was inevitable. Frequency rules.


Waves of peace were showered upon the planet by its neighbours. It was a kindness to the earth, plagued by the addictions of humanity. Technology had almost taken over the control of the global grid, but then people began to realise. Instead of clinging to the old confined love of their families, hearts were opened at first to friends and then to strangers. The land flourished with the love, the eyes of people shone the love to all. Hearts connected all around the globe. Demons could not bear the sounds of joy and the awakening of hearts. They were banished to places in the universe where their frequencies would be more useful. 


Multi-frequency consciousness had arrived. All over the globe people were multi-tasking on multiple timelines. Some resisted the new multi-dimensional existence, but resistance came at a cost to the body, cos we all know that human bodies like peace. 


What we did not know at first, was that peace is like the river. It’s always moving and changing. It is like a symphony with waves of motion and intensity. It is found in the moment.


The world has changed its frequency, its inter-dimensional and multi-frequency existence is now the present moment. Being presence is a multi-dimensional ride of possibilities and choice. The consciousness of the earthlings is changing, religions and customs that embody enslavement and selfishness are dissolving in the new possibilities. There are new love connections that allow the earth to dress in the finest frequencies of magic and mystery. What one feels becomes the controller of the future. We are learning to space travel. Our consciousness is the orchestrator of the future.

Surf the waves with joy in your heart…….. Be the peace, be the joy, follow your heart and trust the process! Have fun! 

©Ammaprema Grace 1.5.18 Happy Beltane 

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