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2018- THE YEAR OF INNER REVEALINGS & FOLLOWING THE HEART                                         2019 -NEW BEGINNINGS

Stepping up as a Human being starts with learning to be in the Heart…. Really in the heart, then all sorts of things begin to change. Having the grounded humility to listen and follow the pushes of heart, takes wisdom and courage. Gaining the discrimination to hear the heart takes a lifetime…or a moment!

So many of our spiritual teachings have taught us to look outside of ourselves for “God” or “Goddess” or “Spirit”. What a great trick to disempower humanity and guilt trip anyone who follows their heart felt guidance/intuition. 

For years I have worked with yoga, sound and guided visualisations and taught people to come from the heart. 2018 was the year I discovered that I have been disempowering the heart, by using an image of heart, a mental projection, rather than living the experience of heart. I have really got good at working with energy and using the projection; and at learning to be as holy and pure, as I can be. It’s a sort of ripening process maybe!  I have developed, alongside most other people, tricks and practices that can trick us into believing we are heart centred. 

It’s a bit like painting a perfect picture in 3d that mirrors but is not actual heart. Maybe all that was necessary to purify the vehicle. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, Ammaprema was trying so hard! Vibrationally maybe we even need to create a perfect mirror, so that a holographic vibrational shift can occur?

Maybe it’s all so much simpler than that! Padma Devi Sumananda, one of my greatest teachers, has developed some great CD’s which undoubtedly help. (See to purchase a CD which can help you:- Peace of the Heart. And your money supports charities that help poor children.)

This year I followed a lifetime dream to go and swim with wonderful Joan Ocean & the dolphins. Overcoming the money /fear paradigm is quite huge for all of us. It’s easier when you have, as in my case, a small sustainable retirement income with a tempting lump sum to spend. It’s also easier to have good health and supports to maintain the body. Thankfully my karma/astrology, constant communications with angelic beings and ascended masters and mysterice, or just plain good luck and beautiful heart helps! The 6 weeks in the USA in January February, did change my life, and opened discovery to what this soul really came to be and do. Joining the dolphin meditations was pure joy. It’s like a bliss bubble inside which keeps on giving, in the most unexpected ways…. Rippling pure unadulterated joy, acceptance and time travelling freedom, all inside. Can that communication ripple out to you too? I hope so. Pause, breathe, connect, smile!

Really accepting that space beings really exist, and really work with earth consciousness on request, and are not just nice projections to play with, is also a huge leap of faith. Obviously there are good and bad ET’s . It’s tempting to see the bad, but for me it’s much better to see and work with the good. I’m told the new grace filled timeline is won. Hopefully the battle is over…. But clearing the residue is still a huge job. Freedom from fear is a great blessing.

I love to travel, & learn so much from travelling. It frees the spirit, as I sing my way through sacred sites. Sometimes its mantras, sometimes an ear wig. (Flights often leave me with Mamma Mia songs rippling for days) Sometimes it’s the deep silence of the amazing beautiful places, or songs from heart-warming gatherings that manifest on the way.

 It’s easy to recapitulate past lives, when one travels and allows oneself to be triggered by the land and its memories. It’s not all good! Sometimes one’s embarrassing moments can come back to haunt, bringing the opportunity for clearance. (Humility, Heart, Help, Forgiveness, Help, Opening to sound and light and letting go….) Ho opono pono….. I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you. I love you,  I bless you, I release you. Cutting ties. Release Thanks, Smile!

Travel brings Initiations, connecting with emanations, if you open to that.  But it’s all the past…it’s this life that counts…. I’m still standing! (Did you hear that song creep in!) and living the dream strengthens the dream. Just as living fear, on-going conditioning, or nit-picking jealousies, drops the vibration and keeps you stuck.

Integrating the joy of dolphin/ whale encounters and the mysterious upgrading frequencies has really been the journey of 2018. Following the Joy, took me back to Colourfest and then to France to further plan the trip that will eventually come … In the footsteps of the Magdalenes. Communing with ascended beings is such fun! I moved on to Arillas…. A place of my heart for relaxation and recuperation in the ancient arms of Grecian cliffs and sun sea sparkles, nurtured by sounds of live sound maestros. Wonder if spirit will take me back this year…I do just love it. 

Colourfest is a magical festival in Dorset (taking a break this year but hopefully back in 2020!). The magical sound-baths graced by angelics, seem to help so many people to relax, reconnect and self-empower. It’s gratifying! It has also led to some wonderful sound collaboration and blessings from working with Elise Yuill. She is a rising Kirtanya star with an unbelievable voice and heart, who bathed her fortunate Devon following, (including me!) in Bliss through the autumn months.

Then it was Brazil… what to say? I am still integrating the rich mix of sacred company, sacred lands, sacred waters, sacred peoples… some things just happen and are meant to be… following the heart is full of surprises! Suffice to say, 2018 seems not to have led to sharing many sounds, but has led to a lot of writing, and an inner cultivation …. Oh yes and great thanks for my new Solfeggio Crystal Harp!

So imagine my surprise when suddenly I made a snap decision to go off again in January to Goa, for some more sun and sea… it does seem to agree with this body! Then the energy came in for a trip in March, round the UK to take the sounds and visit friends of the heart.  The French trip is still brewing and waiting for the right collaborator. Who knows where Heart will take us! Hopefully riding high on blessing waves for the land and the peoples through these mentally challenging chaotic times of polarisation.

The March trip to the South and East coast is beginning to take shape so watch this space and come and get gonged/bowled away on the heart frequencies of Self-empowerment… Hope to see you on the next wave of travels. 

There is also an important for the planet, rebirth of Grail energies taking place in May in Glastonbury facilitated by Judith Moore…so keep checking out my facebook events page…. Events with Ammaprema Grace or the website and  hope to catch up with you this year! 

With love and huge Ammaprema Hugs

Blessings on your 2018 wake ups!